Mikhail Novynskyi

Chief Development Officer

Михаил Новинский

Mr Mikhail Novynskyi is responsible for defining the strategy and devising business development programs, assessing their production and innovation potential, coordinating the development and implementation of new promising business projects.

He has been the Chief Development Officer of SMART-HOLDING LLC since November 2018.

Mr Novynskyi began his career in 2013 as a manager of tangible/intangible production projects and programs at business controlling and information department of SMART-HOLDING.

Further on, he continued the work in the company occupying various managerial positions, including the position of the head of the project management department, member of the Supervisory Board and an adviser to the CEO.

Mr Novynskyi is a member of the Supervisory Board of Metinvest Group.


In 2008, he graduated from St Petersburg State University (Russia). Mr Novynskyi also received a master's degree in finance and management at St Andrews University (UK).