• Aspiring to best meet the shareholders’ needs for profitability, continuous and sustainable development of assets, we ensure the growth of their capitalization and increase of dividends. We achieve this through efficient management of the investment portfolio and provision of high-level corporate services to the shareholders and the Company’s business divisions.

  • In the long term, we strive to increase the share of investments that provide not only financial results, but also a positive contribution to the development of society.

  • Fulfilling our Mission, we rely on business management experience in various industries, multifunctional management expertise, shareholder confidence, the ability to achieve results and deliver in conditions of uncertainty, an adequate margin of safety for the Company and its recognized reputation as a reliable partner.


  • We are an investment company that creates a long-term shareholder value. We find promising areas for investment in Ukraine, as well as in global markets and implement profitable projects in these areas.

  • Our advantages are flexibility in making investment decisions and innovative approaches during their implementation.

  • We are a responsible investor with high ethical standards of doing business, a team of professional managers who efficiently respond to external challenges through diverse expertise, experience of implementing comprehensive projects, strong corporate governance and corporate identity.


    • Treat people with respect
    • Listen to others and hear them
    • Help and support
    • Value each other's time
    • Act the way to be trusted
    • Build relationship based on trust
    • Value professionalism of others
    • Strengthen confidence in the company
    • Be a professional in one's own field
    • Think ahead
    • Make informed decisions
    • Be responsible for one's own words and deeds
    • Learn new things
    • Develop as a professional
    • Share information, knowledge and experience
    • Actively participate in changes