Scenarios for Ukraine

Smart-Holding is an expert partner to the Scenarios for Ukraine initiative of the Strategic Foresight Group at the World Economic Forum. The objective of the initiative is to help identify the possible directions for the economic development of Ukraine.

The project provides a unique, neutral platform and a powerful process for engaging the country's public and private sector leadership in a forward-looking strategic dialogue with the international community.

The initiative involves a series of interviews, virtual and in-person workshops, high-level sessions at the World Economic Forum events, as well as the publication of a final report summarising the discussions. The scenarios were presented for the first time during the World Economic Forum Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Ukraine event that took place in Kiev on 5-6 November 2013. The final project report was presented at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2014.

The representatives of Smart-Holding are members of the project's informal advisory and expert board and actively participate in the board's work.

Being an industrial partner of the World Economic Forum, Smart-Holding is going to support further initiatives and programs to foster Ukraine’s more efficient integration into the global economic community.