Veres Group focuses on the growing, processing and production of vegetable products. The Group amalgamates the interests of four processing facilities, four agricultural enterprises, two logistics centres, a transport company and the largest mushroom growing facility in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The Company employs more than 4,000 people.

Being a vertically integrated company, Veres fully supplies its own production facilities with vegetables for canned foodstuff production. The Group owns a land bank of over 7,000 hectares.

The production facilities of Veres include:
  • Kanev Cannery specialising in the production of sauces and canned fruit and vegetables,
  • Cherkassy Cannery (canned peas, corn, aubergine and zucchini pâté),
  • Khmilna Cannery (canned vegetables and marinated champignons),
  • Mukachevo Cannery (canned cucumbers).

The Litvinets Branch of Veres (Shevchenko Agricultural Limited Liability Company, Cherkassy region) focuses on growing fresh champignons and the production of compost and coating material. This is a unique enterprise with a complete production cycle from compost production to cultivated champignon growing.

The total output of the canned foodstuffs produced by the Group's facilities is more than 20,000 tonnes per year. The product slate features over 100 items.

Today, Veres trademark products are supplied to more than 20 countries. The Company's share in Ukraine's domestic market of fruit and vegetable products amounts to over 20%.

The Group's medium-term strategy is aimed at retaining the leading position in the Ukrainian market, and active development of exportation.