Smart-Holding and Microsoft Signed a Corporate Licensing Agreement


Microsoft Ukraine and Smart-Holding, one of the largest investment groups in Ukraine, have signed a corporate licensing agreement for development of a uniform IT infrastructure based on the Microsoft products. It will enable all the group's enterprises to standardize their software and to acquire new Microsoft licenses on more beneficial terms. The agreement will remain effective for three years and provides for the phased software update at the enterprises of Smart-Holding.

'Now we are selecting the Microsoft platform as a corporate standard, and this enables us to enhance our performance, gain effect from new solutions and reduce the accumulated cost of software to 40%. We shall also ensure high level of information security,' says Andrey Morozov, the IT Director of Smart-Holding.

'The complex corporate licensing program allows standardization of the IT infrastructure using the licensed Microsoft products. This, in its turn, enables the group to work more effectively and to save substantial funds both on the purchase of new licenses and the cost of IT support,' says Andrey Savchuk, the Head of the Corporate Customers and Partners Service Department.

In comparison with other licensing program – Open License – large enterprises save more than 20% in 5 years by signing the Enterprise Agreement. According to the agreement terms, the settlement is performed in the form of annual payments, thus avoiding bulky one-time investments in the software purchase, whereas the standardization based on the Microsoft platform significantly reduces the cost of the users' training and support.

Apart from that, the enterprises have an opportunity to transfer some of their workplaces to the cloud service using Office 365, with no additional costs and time outlays. 'This is quite an interesting solution, as it provides additional flexibility in the long term,' said Andrey Morozov.

In line with the program terms, Smart-Holding can also update its Microsoft software products to their next versions, receive consulting services as regards the product deployment, and is entitled to the round-the-clock technical support and other services available in the Software Assurance package.

The corporate licensing program – Enterprise Agreement – is designed for the enterprises with at least 250 computers or users that have chosen a Microsoft platform for development of their IT infrastructure and wish to maintain flexibility in choosing their local or cloud data storages.

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Smart-Holding is one of the largest investment groups of Ukraine with focus on the key industries of the economy, including mining and metals, oil and gas, shipbuilding, real estate and agriculture. The company participates in other projects as a strategic and portfolio investor. The investment activities of Smart-Holding focus on CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

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