Smart-Holding to Present Project of All-Year-Round Resort Balaklava Green


Smart-Holding will participate in the 2nd International Investment Forum: 'Global View of the Black Sea Region of Ukraine' to take place on 6-7 September in Sevastopol. The company will report on the implementation progress of the project for the all-year-round national resort Balaklava Green, providing for the construction of the recreational complex in the reclaimed areas of Balaklava Mine (Balaklava, Crimea), in 2012.

'This year, we have developed the Balaklava Detailed Layout project focusing primarily on the beach zone around Vasili district. The project was approved at the public hearing and at the meeting of the Sevastopol Urban Planning Council. At present, the Detailed Layout project is being reviewed by the Sevastopol City State Administration that must refer it to the City Council for further review and approval. We hope that the project will be approved in autumn and we shall move on to the next phase. Total project investment will amount to more than USD 1.2 billion,' said Sergey Ovchinnikov, Director of Real Estate Projects.

The project development provides for the construction of infrastructure facilities in Balaklava and Sevastopol. Alternative sources of energy are going to be used, according to the project. Construction of local water treatment facilities for Balaklava and nearby residential areas is planned, to ensure cleaning of waste water practically to the potable water level and its subsequent use for technical purposes.


Smart-Holding is one of the largest investment groups of Ukraine with focus on the key industries of the economy, including mining and metals, oil and gas, shipbuilding, real estate and agriculture.

Smart Holding’s strategy is aimed at efficient management of diversified portfolio of the Group’s assets by increasing its cost in the long run and search of new directions for business development. The investment activity of Smart-Holding focuses both on investments in Ukraine and in the CIS and Eastern Europe countries. Smart-Holding participates in other projects as a strategic and portfolio investor.

The Balaklava Green resort consists of four parts and will be constructed on the land plots located in the picturesque Balaklava Bay (Tavros, Psilerakhi, Kadykoy and Gasfort). Each of the four resort complex parts will have its own specialization and functionally they will complement each other.

According to the plan, the resort complex area will accommodate 22 hotels, health resorts, motels and camping sites. The total area of these facilities will amount to 210,000 square meters (3,500 rooms). The project provides for the construction of cottages, town houses and apartments (approximately 500,000 square meters of accommodation), as well as supermarkets, shops and catering facilities (134,900 square meters).

Balaklava Green has an advantageous location in respect of the transport infrastructure – the resort area lies 15 kilometres away from Sevastopol and 24 kilometres away from the Belbek airport (Sevastopol) and 5.5 kilometres from the planned locations of the railway and bus stations.

Additional information:

Project participants:

Smart-Holding – investor

Stokman – developer

The Jerde Partnership – project designer

Contact details for press:

Yevgeniy Zagorulko

Head of the PR Department of Smart-Holding

+38 044 590 3034