Kherson Shipyard Floats Out GLOSTER 1 Tanker


The vessel has been designed for the mixed (river-sea) and sea bulk transportation of crude oil and oil products (including gasoline, without any flash point restrictions), wine materials, edible oils and molasses. The project provides for simultaneous transportation of two varieties of the same cargo type.

The vessel fully meets all the up-to-date international bulk transportation requirements, including two-compartment resistance to flooding.

‘Launch of our complete lead tanker of RST26 project is another confirmation of our capability to fulfill the most complicated tasks in an unwaveringly high-quality manner. This year, we are going to complete the construction of several new vessels and confirm our status as the leader in Ukraine’s commercial shipbuilding segment,’ said Vasiliy Fedin, General Director of KhSY.


RST26 project was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The vessel’s overall length is 118.87 m, its width being 13.0 m and its hull height 5.8 m. The tanker’s sea deadweight is approximately 4,595 tonnes with the water-draught of 4.784 m, and its river deadweight is about 2,820 tonnes with the water-draught of 3.60 m. The vessel matches the dimension requirements of the Volga-Don Ship Canal, the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal.

Kherson Shipyard (KhSY) was established in 1951. The company is part of Smart Maritime Group. Within recent 7 years, the shipyard built and handed over to its customers 36 vessels, including the drilling rig supply vessels – anchor handling vessels and refrigerated cargo ships, river tankers, railroad ferry-boats, complete Chelsea-type dry cargo carriers, etc.

Currently, three tankers of RST27 design are being built, modernization of four vessels is in progress and ten ships are being repaired by the yard.

The yard’s 2012 scope of the performed work and services amounted to UAH 414.9 million, which is more than double from 2011.

The average wages of the production staff in January 2013 amounted to UAH 4,725.