Смарт Холдинг

Vadim Novinsky’s International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God to Launch E-space Educational Portal in October 2015


Anastasia Kislinskaya, the project manager of New Education Format civil society organization announced this at the press-conference on 22 June 2015.

She underlined that the E-space educational project targeted primarily the children that for any reason have difficulties studying at regular schools and for those with limited access to education.

The E-space portal will enable any child to choose the list of educational courses, to develop an individual time plan and the study program.

Another specific feature of the project’s courses is a wide range of gamification that is supposed to keep the children interested in the study process. Е-space focuses on 10-16-year-olds and includes 5 streamlines designed to help a child develop such qualities as analytical capabilities and problem-solving skills, creativity, inter-personal skills, emotion management, self-organization, teamwork skills and social activity.

The organizers hope that the portal will become an individual personal development tool that will help children to become aware of their strengths and areas requiring development, and will present the educational content in an interesting, concise, visually compelling and comprehensible form.

The E-space portal is going to operate in two languages, Ukrainian and Russian. The project developers also plan to incorporate a verification procedure for completion of the educational courses.

‘In the second year of studies, we will be able to issue a document confirming completion of our E-space courses. We hope that the legislative framework will provide such a possibility by that time. Particular changes in our educational legislation that are being promoted now may open prospects for issuing state-approved certificates,’ said Anastasia Kislinskaya.

She also explained that several options were being considered, from issuing Ukrainian certificates to their verification by international organizations specializing in online education systems.

In addition, the developers consider the possibility to launch a second platform package for the primary school age; however, they are not ready to discuss the timeline for that project yet.

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