Смарт Холдинг

Kherson Shipyard Floats out Second Tugboat for Kirgan Holding


Kherson Shipyard (KhSY, Smart Maritime Group shipbuilding holding company) held a ceremony of floating out the second dock tug ALTAIR of Т2440 design that was built at the commission of Kirgan Holding S.A.

The lead ship in the series was floated out ahead of the schedule at the end of August. Once the ships are filled out and provided with standard equipment, the tugboats will be sent to sea trials.

In November 2014, Smart Maritime Group and Kirgan Holding S.A. signed a contract for the construction of two Т2440 design dock tugs at the shipbuilding facilities of Kherson Shipyard.

Т2440 design tugboats are intended for the pilotage of vessels and floating structures in the harbour waters, as well as for fire-fighting purposes. The basic parameters of the Т2440 design dock tugs are: length - 24.0 meters, width - 10.4 meters, hull height - 4.6 meters, towing force - 50 tonnes, draft speed – 13.4 knots (at 3.3 meters).

The design class and design documentation were developed by Transship Design (Nikolaev).


Kherson Shipyard is a part to Smart Maritime Group combining the marine assets of Smart-Holding.

Smart Maritime Group includes Kherson Shipyard, Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard, Nikolaev Machine-Building Plant and Ochakov Port.

The total SMG’s output (KhSY, ChSY) over January-July 2015 amounted to UAH 168 million.

The average employee's salary is UAH 4,458/month.

The average salary paid to welders and mounters is UAH 7,500/month.