SMG’s Statement on the Incident on Neteshyn Ship


Today at 9:15, fire broke out at Nikolaev shipyard of Smart Maritime Group (Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard) during the gas cutting repair operations on Neteshyn diving support ship. The fire was promptly brought under control and extinguished by the plant’s staff and by personnel of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The repair work was carried out in accordance with the officially issued work permit.

The fire resulted from sparks getting onto the bedding items of the crew located in an adjacent room (cabin). Employees of the shipbuilding yard and crew members immediately applied the primary fire extinguishing equipment and the regular fire extinguishing system of the plant. In accordance with the instructions, the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine were called in.

Thanks to the timely and coordinated actions of the plant's fire fighting team, the ship’s crew and the units of the State Emergency Service, the fire on the bedding items was promptly contained and extinguished by 10:00.

As a result of the incident, no one was hurt and the ship's equipment, as well as the ship itself were not affected.

A special commission has been established at the shipbuilding yard that will identify the reasons for the incident.