SMG's Kherson Shipyard Begins Metal Cutting for Fourth Tanker


Specialists of Kherson shipyard of Smart Maritime Group (SMG) began metal cutting operations for the fourth outfitted hull of a chemical tanker. The customer is the Netherlands VEKA Shipbuilding WT B.V.

Currently, both automatic gas-cutting and plasma-cutting machines are involved in the operations. Deputy chief shipbuilder of Kherson shipyard Vasiliy Filipiev noted: ‘From the end of January, we will begin assembling and welding of sizable bottom, side and deck sections that will be then followed by their installation in the ship's hull. In total, we plan to use about 1,200 tons of high-quality shipbuilding steel during the tanker’s construction period.’

This job continues the line of ships built for VEKA Company at SMG’s shipyards. A chemical tanker, job No. 10001, was built at Kherson shipyard and was then named AIMEE in honour of the Princess of Orange-Nassau, Aimée Söhngen. At the same time, the construction of the second tanker (job No. 10002), later named EMMA, was underway at Nikolaev shipyard. Both ships were launched in March 2019.

The keel laying of the fourth tanker is planned for the first ten-day period of March 2020. The project’s implementation period is 10 months.

REFERENCE: Smart Maritime Group is the largest shipbuilding holding company in Ukraine combining shipbuilding assets of Smart-Holding: Nikolaev and Kherson shipyards. SMG’s production facilities allow the construction of medium-tonnage fully outfitted vessels and comprehensive ship repair operations. The shipyards’ clients are companies from the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and other countries.