Zaporozhogneupor of Metinvest Group partially resumes its production


Metinvest Group of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novynskyi decided to partially withdraw from the conservation regime the production units of the Zaporozhogneupor plant and resume the operation of service centers in Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih.

"Already today Metinvest Group is building long-term economic plans for further reconstruction of Ukrainian industry and our country. An important component in the economic recovery is a stable operation of metallurgical enterprises. Zaporozhogneupor is ready to provide them with refractories and quality service - in order to achieve our common goal," said Serhiy Goman, Director General of Zaporozhogneupor.

Zaporozhogneupor resumed the operation of the magnesium products shop and aluminosilicate shop, the products of which are in demand at domestic mining and processing, metallurgical and engineering enterprises. Accordingly, with the launch of the main production facilities, the treatment facilities of the enterprise came into operation. In addition, repair and mechanical, electric power and other auxiliary units of the plant started operating.

The service centers of Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih resumed work, which will be engaged in current repairs of Zaporozhkoks and Kametstal coke batteries, lining of Zaporozhstal steelmaking units, and repairing of incinerators of mining and processing plants.

It should be noted that the work shifts for Zaporozhogneupor employees have been adjusted to take into account the curfew. The company provides centralized transportation of workers by corporate transport.

To be recalled, on March 5, in connection with the escalation of hostilities in Zaporizhia region, Metinvest Group transferred all units of Zaporozhogneupor to the mode of temporary conservation of technological equipment.

It should be noted that Zaporozhogneupor employees have volunteered to join Metinvest Humanitarian Mission Coordination Center in Zaporizhia since the first days of its establishment. Together with colleagues from other Zaporizhzhya Metinvest enterprises, they receive IDPs at the company's social facilities in Zaporizhia, and provide all necessary assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war.