Metallurgists and miners` day


Dear metallurgists and miners!

On your professional holiday, I address you with a heavy heart. People die in Ukraine every day. The war led to the destruction of two Mariupol metallurgical plants and the shutdown of other industries. In the war zone is the largest coke-chemical plant in Europe, ore mining and processing plants. Ukraine's economy has not experienced such upheavals since World War II.

Despite all this, you keep up your front. You support production, mine ore and smelt steel under bombs and shells. Enterprises of the metallurgical complex have become the country's largest donors, implementing large-scale humanitarian projects. A low bow to you. All Ukrainians understand: if metallurgists stand up, Ukraine will stand up.

Let me congratulate you on your professional holiday. I want to wish you one thing - peace. The metallurgical complex will become one of the pillars of Ukraine's post-war recovery. We will definitely rebuild all destroyed cities and enterprises. Mariupol, like before the war, will be proud of the most beautiful parks and modern hospitals and schools. I believe in this. The city of Saint Mary was revived after the terrible destruction caused by the Second World War, it will be revived again this time, like all the cities destroyed by the occupiers. And it will be in free, independent Ukraine!

May the Lord protect you!

CEO of Smart Holding Julia Kiryanova