Statement by Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart Holding, regarding the imposition of personal sanctions by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on Vadym Novynskyi


The companies of Smart Holding group continue to operate as normal. As a large employer and taxpayer, the Group provides a significant contribution to the economy of Ukraine. Vadym Novynskyi does not participate in the operational management of the Ukrainian group Smart Holding. Management is carried out by a team of managers in accordance with the principles of corporate governance. All companies of the Group work in accordance with current legislation, fulfilling their obligations to the state, partners, customers and employees.

Vadym Novynskyi's activities as a believer of the UOC are his constitutional right and are not related to the operations of the business. Sanctions have been imposed on Vadym Novynskyi as an individual and should not affect the work of the Group's companies. If necessary, the Group will defend its rights as an investor and business owner in Ukrainian and European courts.

You can read the statement of Vadym Novynskyi regarding the sanctions by following the link .