Enwell Energy increased its average daily production rate and revenues in H1, 2021


British Company Enwell Energy plc, a part of Smart Energy, announces its operational and financial unaudited results for H1, 2021. For six months the company has increased its aggregate average daily production by 8.2%, while the revenues have grown by 66.4%.

SPF Continues to Ignore the Requirements of the Law on the Formation of Independent Supervisory Boards of State-Owned Companies


The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF) did not take part in the extraordinary meetings of KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC and KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC, which were initiated by the shareholder of the companies SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD. The agenda of the meetings included the questions on the election of new members of the energy companies’ supervisory boards, including independent board members, as well as on conducting a special audit of the companies’ financial and economic activities for 2019–2020.

Smart Energy Group spudded first well at Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field


On August 19, 2021, Enwell Energy spudded well #4 at Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field (Poltava region). This will be the first drilled well at the field for 25 years. Its target depth is 5,565 m. The company is planning to complete drilling and provide testing in Q3, 2022.

Smart Holding Calls on the Prosecutor General’s Office to Take Measures to Stop Embezzlement of KHARKIVOBLENERGO’s Funds and Assets


SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD, the shareholder of KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC, asks the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to urgently consider taking a set of measures to stop the embezzlement of the energy company’s funds and assets. In particular, by ensuring proper pre-trial investigation and procedural guidance in numerous criminal proceedings filed on the facts of illegal actions by officials and staff of the joint-stock company.

Smart Holding Convenes Shareholder Meetings of Kharkivoblenergo and Kharkivenergozbut to Form Competent Supervisory Boards


SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD (hereinafter – SMART HOLDING), which holds 29.795% of the shares in KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC and KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC, has begun the procedure for convening an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the two companies. The meeting will be held online on 3 September 2021.

For H1, 2021, Smart Energy Group paid UAH 744.5 mln in taxes


For H1, 2021, the companies of Smart Energy Group paid in total UAH 744.5 mln in taxes, including UAH 354.4 mln fee for subsoil use to the budgets of all levels. Thus, UAH 17.7 mln of subsoil tax were paid to the local budgets.

Smart Energy Group upgraded its inhibitor facility in Poltava oblast


Smart Energy Group put into operation the upgraded inhibitor facility at well #61 of Svyrydivske field (Poltava oblast). Within modernization the facility got a new booster compressor station (BSC) and upgraded site for storage of well killing fluid.

For H1, 2021, Smart Energy Group produced 199 mln m3 of gas


Smart Energy group announces the production results for H1, 2021. The companies of the Group produced cumulatively 199.0 mln m3 of gas (0.2% down y-o-y) and 17.8 Ktonnes of condensate (1.2% up y-o-y). For H1, 2021, Smart Energy also produced 5,058 tonnes of LPG, 12.3% up y-o-y.

Smart Energy implemented Peloton’s software


Smart Energy Group completed implementation of the software solution by the Canadian software company - Peloton at its facilities. The software provides digitalization of operational data of companies of the group. That simplifies access to large amounts of data, increases efficiency of operational data usage and improves data quality.