Unex Bank to Pay Pensions and Governmental Monetary Aid in 22 Cities


Unex Bank has successfully passed another bank screening to make social payments and was certified to pay out welfare benefits at all its branches. The Pension Fund of Ukraine announced the respective decision on 2 July.

Alexey Tymofeyev was appointed as a CEO of SMART ENERGY (Smart-Holding)


Kiev, July 04, 2012 - Alexey Tymofeyev was appointed to the position of CEO in SMART ENERGY, oil and gas business direction of SMart Holding.

The Black Sea Shipyard concluded a contract with PKL Flote for sea tug construction


The Black Sea Shipyard (BSS, Ukraine, Nikolayev) signed new contract with “PKL Flote” (Latvia, Riga) for construction of multipurpose sea tug as per project G07DL. Under the concluded contract ready-for-service vessel is to be delivered to the customer in summer 2013.

The Black Sea Shipyard accepted for repair light scout ship “Pereyaslav”


According to concluded contracts with Command of the Ukrainian Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine the Black Sea Shipyard will accept for repair three ships.

Winners of deposit promotional offer from Unex Bank already spend their holidays in Antalya


Unex Bank depositors, having received their vouchers within the promotional offer “Start your success with the rest!”, went on resort in Antalya on June 16 this year.

Performance under Balaklava Mine Collective Agreement in 2011


The staff conference of Balaklava Mine that took place on 8 June 2012 found the administration's and trade union committee's efforts to fulfill the Collective Agreement in 2011 satisfactory.

Oleg Kononov Appointed as Head Coach of Sevastopol FC


Changes to the coaching team of Sevastopol FC were considered and approved at the meeting of the football club's Board of Directors on 12 June 2012. Oleg Kononov was appointed as the team's new head coach. He will also continue to perform his duties as the club's General Manager, thus concentrating both managerial and coaching functions in his hands.

Vadim Novinskiy, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Smart-Holding, was granted Ukrainian citizenship


Under the Decree of the President of Ukraine V.F. Yanukovich of May 29, 2012 Vadim Novinskiy, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Smart-Holding, was granted Ukrainian citizenship.

Winners of Imagine Cup Award 2012 will undertake two-month practical training in Smart Holding Company


Member of Ukrainian national stage of international award in the field of IT-development Imagine Cup 2012 – M.D. Team from the National Mining University (the city of Dnepropetrovsk) - will undertake practical training in IT Department of Smart-Holding Company. The team obtained an opportunity to realize its elaboration "eMedіcіne" in practice, designed to simplify and systematise the work of doctors with their patients using cloud information technologies.

Kherson Shipyard has laid the keel of the Third Tanker of RST 27 Project


On March 22 a.c. a ceremony of laying the keel of the third vessel of tanker-product carrier series of Project RST27 took place at Kherson Shipyard for SVL Group (Malta).