Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko Visits Kherson Shipyard


Yuriy Boyko, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, visited Kherson Shipyard (KhSY) on 17 September 2013 as part of his working visit to Kherson region.

Kherson Shipyard Turns Over Third RST27 Design Tanker to Maltese SVL Company


Kherson Shipyard (KhSY) handed over to the customer its third and last tanker in a series of RST27 design vessels built for SVL Group (Malta).

Kherson Shipyard Floats Out Third Complete Tanker


On 21 June 2013, Kherson Shipyard had a celebratory floating out of the RST27 design tanker SVL UNITY, the third vessel in a series of tankers commissioned by SVL Group (Malta). The total contract price amounts to more than USD 50 million.

Smart-Holding and General Staff of Thailand's Armed Forces Discuss Cooperation Prospects


Kiev, 22 May – On Tuesday, 21 May, the military delegation of the Kingdom of Thailand headed by the Chief of General Staff of the Thai Armed Forces Tanasak Patimapragorn visited Smart-Holding as part of their official visit to Ukraine.

Changes in Personnel


Alexandr Yurkov, who previously held the positions of the Head of Smart Мaritime Group business and Smart-Nerudprom CEO, has chosen to continue his career outside Smart-Holding.

Kherson Shipyard Floats Out Second Complete Tanker


Kherson Shipyard, part of Smart Maritime Group, the shipbuilding business of Smart-Holding Company, floated out SVL LOYALTY tanker under RST27 project. This is the second ship in a series of tankers the company is building for SVL Group (Malta). The total contract price amounts to more than USD 50 million.

Vasiliy Fedin Appointed as Executive Director of Smart Maritime Group


Kiev, 18 April – Smart-Holding appointed Vasiliy Fedin as the Executive Director of Smart Maritime Group that integrates the holding company's shipbuilding assets.

ChSY is Ready to Participate in Modernization of the Russian Fleet


Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation have paid a business visit to Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard (Nikolaev City) to learn about the production capacity of the company.

Kherson Shipyard Floats Out GLOSTER 1 Tanker


The vessel has been designed for the mixed (river-sea) and sea bulk transportation of crude oil and oil products (including gasoline, without any flash point restrictions), wine materials, edible oils and molasses. The project provides for simultaneous transportation of two varieties of the same cargo type.

Smart-Holding’s Shipbuilding Enterprises Reported Profit at Year-End 2012


Kherson Shipyard (KhSY) and Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard (ChSY) being part of Smart-Holding’s shipbuilding business reported profit at year-end 2012.