Smart-Holding Restores Amstor's Infrastructure and Re-opens First Store in Kiev


Smart-Holding, the majority shareholder of Amstor Group, has restored the disrupted infrastructure of the retail chain and re-opened the first of the capital city's supermarkets in the Polyarnyi mall (Obolonskiy district, Kiev).

Novynskyi's Foundation Provides Aid to Families of Soldiers from Kherson Who Died in ATO Zone


Vadym Novynskyi's International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God (ICF) has provided financial aid to families of servicemen and law enforcement officers from Kherson city who died while fulfilling their military duty in the area of the anti-terrorist operation.

Smart Maritime Group Plans 45% Production Increase in 2015 – to UAH 223 Million


Smart Maritime Group, the shipbuilding holding company that integrates Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard and Kherson Shipyard, is planning to increase its output by 45.7% against the last year's actual production level, to reach the target of UAH 223 million. 

ChSY Floats Out Upgraded RION Ship


Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard (Smart Maritime Group, ChSY, Nikolaev) has floated out a specialized vessel RION that underwent deep modernization at the shipyard’s facilities under a contract with Delta-Pilot, a subsidiary of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (public enterprise, Nikolaev).

Force-Majority Circumstances


‘In our state, a majority owner is often completely rightless,’ notes Lada Konduforova, Chief Legal Officer at Smart-Holding.

Vadim Novinsky’s Foundation Supports Families of Nikolaev Region Servicemen Killed in ATO


Vadim Novinsky’s International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God allocated financial assistance for the families of 10 servicemen from Nikolaev region that lost their lives while discharging their military duty in the ATO area.

Seizure of Smart-Holding’s Office by Law-Enforcement Officials


Today at about 11 o’clock, police officers in civilian clothes and in camouflage armed with automatic weapons forced open the doors of the office centres at the addresses Igorevskaya 7А and Igorevskaya 5\10, where, among others, office of Smart-Holding Company is located. Next, they went to the reception of Vadym Novynskyi, Member of the Parliament, and began the searching activities. Vadym Novynskyi informed them about the illegality of these actions, but the law-enforcement officers ignored his appeal in spite of the fact an agreement for lease of the office space was shown to them by the MP.

Amstor’s Ex-Managers Suspected of Fraudulent Securities Transactions


Smart-Holding, the principal owner of Amstor Group, applied to the law-enforcement authorities with the request to give a legal evaluation to the actions of Amstor’s ex-managers, Vladimir and Alexandr Vagorovskiy, who used the company’s funds to acquire securities to the amount of UAH 15 million, while the retail chain started accumulating debt to its suppliers.

Amstor Retail Chain Recovering After IT Infrastructure was Destroyed


Specialists of Smart-Holding and Amstor Group continue preparation of the retail chain’s stores for reopening. In most of the stores, IT infrastructure and databases have been restored, goods inventory and assortment replenishment have been made, testing of the sales process in one of Kiev's stores has been successfully completed.

Supreme Administrative Court Revokes Its Decision to Wind up Bank Forum


The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine satisfied the cassation appeal of Yernamio Consulting LTD demanding revocation of the Deposit Guarantee Fund’s decision to wind up Bank Forum.