International consultant estimated reserves of Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field


British public company Enwell Energy, a part of Smart Energy Group and an operator of Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field (Poltava oblast), among others, made an assessment of the reserves and contingent resources at its field.

SMART HOLDING Appealed Decisions of Kharkivoblenergo and Kharkivenergozbut Supervisory Boards, Including Those on Holding General Meetings


SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD filed claims with the Commercial Court of Kharkiv region demanding to invalidate the decisions made at the Supervisory Board meetings of Kharkivoblenergo JSC and Kharkivenergozbut PJSC on 23 March 2021, in particular, the decisions on holding general shareholder meetings of these companies on 28 April 2021

Smart Energy paid UAH 327.6 mln in taxes for Q1, 2021


For Q1, 2021, the companies of Smart Energy Group paid in total UAH 327.6 mln in taxes, including UAH 168.4 mln fee for subsoil use to the budgets of all levels. 

Position of SMART GRANITE LLC on the Notice of Suspicion to the Head of Zaporizhnerudprom JSC


On 27 April 2020, Zaporizhzhya regional prosecutor’s office reported that the head of the management board in one of the joint-stock companies of Zaporizhzhya received a notice of suspicion based on the fact of illegal mining of mineral resources classified as those of national significance (part 4 of Article 240 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Allegedly the mining was made by applying a blasting operation.

Arkona Gas-Energy started geophysical research


Arkona Gas-Energy LLC, a part of Smart Energy Group and an operator of Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field (Poltava oblast), began research of its field. The works will provide details for locations of the following target wells, planned for the further development of the field.

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation Donated a Lung Ventilator and Personal Protective Equipment for Doctors to Amosov Institute


Vadym Novynskyi's International Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God donated a lung ventilator and personal protective equipment for doctors to Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.

Smart Holding and Dragon Capital Closed the Deal on Sale of Unex Bank


Smart Holding and Dragon Capital have closed the deal for the sale and purchase of 100% of shares in UNEX BANK Joint Stock Company.

CEO of Novynskyi's Gas Producing Company Talks About Production, Community Relations and Shareholder's Influence — Interview


The CEO of Smart Energy Sergei Glazunov told NV Business about the development and risks for the company, about sales of gas to the population and the influence on the business from its shareholder, MP Vadym Novynskyi.

For Q1, 2021, Smart Energy Group produced 95.7 mln m3 of gas


In Q1, 2021, Smart Energy Group of companies produced cumulatively 95.7 mln m3 of gas and 8.3 Ktonnes of condensate, succeeding to keep the production rate of gas on the level of last year.