Smart-Holding’s CEO Commented on the Work of the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos


A delegation from Smart-Holding headed by the Company's CEO Alexey Pertin took part in the 48th World Economic Forum (WEF), which took place on 23-26 January in Davos (Switzerland).

People Who Go into Power Must Sew up Their Own Pockets, CEO of Smart-Holding


Alexey Pertin, CEO of Smart-Holding, has told us how Ukrainian FIGs are working and what sectors they might invest in in the years to come.

Smart-Holding’s Statement on Searches in the Company's Offices


Smart-Holding voices its protest against regular searches made in the Group’s companies and in the head office. We consider this kind of investigative procedures as unjustified pressure on business. We appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and personally to the President with a demand to stop using these grossest methods of penetration into the Company’s offices accompanied by damage to property. The legislation provides for such action only in extreme cases.

CEO of Smart-Holding Pertin: We Begin Establishment of the Industrial Park Based on ChSY Site


RBC-Ukraine: We met with the CEO of Smart-Holding Alexey Pertin to discuss the development outlook of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry since forecasts by industry analysts predict a protracted global crisis for all shipyards. In particular, DanishShipFinance predicts that the world's largest shipyards may be left without any orders by 2017.