The investments we make are not only for the development of our company and employees, but also for the whole of Ukraine ensuring a sustainable future for all
and corporate governance
The sum of Smart-Holding’s capital investments since 2005 amounts to more than USD 2.5 billion

Smart-Holding`s Strategy

We are present in all Ukraine’s regions


Regal Petroleum received 2.3 mln USD net profit in 2017

Ukraine’s Economy

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Working with people and for people makes us sensitive to the impact our businesses have on society and it is our aim to respond to the social challenges this may bring

Humanitarian and charitable projects

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Smart-Holding employs over 100,000 people

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The Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God supports projects in culture and spirituality
We are open to new opportunities, not only willing to enter new markets, but also to create them
We share the principles of sustainable development


Smart-Holding is an expert partner to the Scenarios for Ukraine project

Smart Energy 

Investing into the energy independence of Ukraine