The investment activity of Smart-Holding is focused within Ukraine

The investment activity of Smart-Holding is focused within Ukraine. Since 2005, investments in the country's economy exceeded USD 2.5 billion.

The largest investment of Smart-Holding is its share of Metinvest, the international vertically integrated metals and mining company comprising 37 enterprises in Ukraine, Europe and the United States.

Since 2011, Smart-Holding has been actively developing a promising oil and gas business and aims to become one of the largest private gas producers in Ukraine.

Smart-Holding, jointly with SCM Group, set up an agro-industrial holding company HarvEast for the implementation of projects in the agricultural sector. The Company manages a land bank of 97,000 hectares.  

Today, heavy industry businesses prevail in Smart-Holding’s structure. At the same time, the new business strategy pre-supposes searching for new development drivers, both in traditional and the post industrial sectors of the economy that will ensure dynamic and sustainable development of Smart-Holding.