Agricultural business is a strategic business line and is regarded as a development driver. The main investment project in this area is HarvEast agricultural holding, of which SCM Group owns a majority stake (75%). Agrarian business is also represented by the Veres Group trademark, specialising in growing and processing fruit and vegetables.

The total land bank of agricultural assets developed by Smart-Holding enterprises exceeds 100,000 hectares. More than 5,000 people are involved in the production processes of this business.

The strategy of Smart-Holding in its agricultural business is focused on implementation of innovative technologies, expansion of the land bank, development of personnel and improvement of the agricultural enterprises' production performance.

Denial of Incorrect Information

Smart-Holding draws the attention of journalists, partners and other stakeholders to the fact that some false information about Smart-Holding and its beneficiary was communicated in the authorial TV program Posledniaya Instantsyia (Last Instance), which was broadcast on ZIK TV channel on Monday, 22 May at 20:30.