Smart-Holding’s Statement on Searches in the Company's Offices


Smart-Holding voices its protest against regular searches made in the Group’s companies and in the head office. We consider this kind of investigative procedures as unjustified pressure on business. We appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and personally to the President with a demand to stop using these grossest methods of penetration into the Company’s offices accompanied by damage to property. The legislation provides for such action only in extreme cases.

The management and employees of Smart-Holding have never avoided giving any explanations to the law enforcement agencies; any documents that could help to find out the truth are provided to the investigation upon the first request.

Today, this series of actions by the special services and law enforcement agencies in respect to the companies of Smart-Holding Group is considered as deliberate blocking of business activity in order to cause maximum financial damage.

We call upon law enforcement officials to refrain from unjustified public accusations of the Company of any law violations. This affects hundreds of thousands of the Group's employees, leads to termination of cooperation with foreign counterparts, reduction of tax revenues to the state budget; direct damage is caused to the business reputation of Smart-Holding.

Any financial and industrial group is a "window of investment" in our country; any unjustified pressure on business damages well-established cooperation with international partners. We intend, by all means, to protect our business reputation and appeal any illegal actions by law enforcement officers in relation to the Company, its employees and property.