WEF's Industrial Partner Smart-Holding Takes Part in Davos Anniversary Meeting


The delegation of Smart-Holding takes part in the annual meeting of members of the World Economic Forum, which started on 21 January in Davos (Switzerland).

Smart-Holding has been WEF's industrial partner for 12 years.

The topic of WEF's fiftieth anniversary meeting is Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World. The participants of the Forum will attempt to jointly define “capitalism for all stakeholders”, to determine the progress in implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to discuss the importance of trade management technologies and principles. In addition, the participants will approve a draft of the Forum's new program document Davos Manifesto 2020, the first version of which was developed back in 1973.

‘The agenda of the milestone meeting is promising, especially in terms of rethinking the basic principles of doing business. The responsibility of companies is now proposed to be perceived very broadly – in relation to any persons, groups of individuals and communities that business activities affect or might affect. In this regard, the concept of “responsible business” takes on new meanings. It is difficult to challenge the keynote of the new manifesto saying that companies are more than simple economic units generating wealth. Being part of larger social systems, they certainly must contribute to implementation of people's and society's aspirations, including those in the field of environmental protection and social justice,’ said Alexey Pertin, CEO of Smart-Holding.