Veres Group Brings New Product Category to the Market – Natural Spices and Seasonings


Veres Group has launched the production of its own line of natural dry spices and seasonings.

The range of products in the category is comprised of 12 items, including spices, herbs, seasonings, mixtures of vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, which were developed according to unique recipes and formulations.

The production of the new product line was organized at Kaniv Cannery, where a modern workshop with innovative equipment was launched. The technologies used in the production of Veres spices and seasonings make it possible to preserve the taste and aroma properties of natural raw materials, and ensure the accuracy in dosing ingredients for the mixtures. This technology guarantees proper and smooth flavour of products.

Naturalness is one of the key features of Veres's new products. No flavourings or flavour enhancers are used in product formulations, but only natural ingredients from around the world that passed mandatory quality control in our own accredited laboratory of the production enterprise.

In September, the brand will appear on the shelves of Ukrainian stores in the corresponding product group. In the mid-term, Veres Group plans to expand the range of the new product category, as well as to enter the markets of neighbouring countries and Europe with its new products.


Veres Group, part of Smart-Holding industrial and investment group, is a vertically integrated FMCG business specializing in the production of food products, canned food and sauces in particular.

The Group is comprised of 3 processing and 3 agricultural enterprises, and a logistics center for storage of products. It also includes the largest champignon mushroom growing farm in Ukraine. The Group's facilities annually process up to 25,000 tons of fruits and vegetables. The Company employs 2,400 people.
Products under Veres trademark are supplied to more than 25 countries of the world. The Group's share in the domestic market of canned fruits and vegetables is 30%. The Group is among the TOP-3 producers of canned vegetables in Ukraine.