Smart Holding’s representative appointed to the Board of Regal Petroleum plc


Sergii Glazunov, the Director of Corporate Development at JSC Smart Holding UA, is appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Regal Petroleum plc in place of Denis Rudev.

The representatives of Smart Holding, the members of the Board of Regal Petroleum are: Alexey Pertin, CEO; Alexey Timofeyev, First Deputy CEO for Corporate Development and Asset Management.

In March 2011 the wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart Holding’s principal holding company Energees Investments, Energees Management Limited completed the acquisition of the controlling stake of the share capital of Regal Petroleum plc. The Relationship Agreement signed between Regal Petroleum plc, Energees Investments and JSC Smart Holding UA provides Energees Investments with the right to nominate 3 representatives to be appointed as Directors of Regal Petroleum plc.