Regal Petroleum Started Spudding of a New Well at Sviridovskoye Field


On 21 February, Regal Petroleum PLC (UK) started spudding of the new, SV-59, well at Sviridovskoye gas and condensate field.

The target depth of the well is 5,470 meters. According to the schedule, the drilling operations are supposed to be completed in December 2013.


Regal Petroleum plc. has been operating in Ukraine since 1999. In March 2011, Smart-Holding concentrated 54% of shares in Regal Petroleum. Regal Petroleum holds licenses for development of Mekhedovsko-Golotovschinskoye and Sviridovskoye gas and condensate fields (Poltava region). Following 2012 results, the average daily gas production at the wells belonging to the company amounted to 201.002 thousand cubic metres, and that of condensate totalled 45 cubic metres.

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