ICF in Honor of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God Allocated over UAH 33 Million for Mitigation of Humanitarian Consequences of Conflict in the East of Ukraine


Since the beginning of the project South East (June 2014), the International Charitable Foundation in Honor of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God has allocated more than UAH 33 million in support of internally displaced people from ATO (antiterrorist operation) area, as well as for direct humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the cities located in the epicenter of the conflict.

In particular, as part of the program, the Foundation organized transportation of citizens from the following ‘hot spots’: Kramatorsk, Slaviansk, Lisichansk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Krasnyi Luch etc. Thus, more than 1,400 children and adults were evacuated and provided with accommodation in health resorts of Donetsk region, Nikolaev and Chernigov regions. Using the financial aid from the Foundation, internally displaced people were provided with food, cloths and daily necessities. When necessary, the internally displaced persons received individual assistance (re-issue of burnt, missing documents, prenatal care in cities of temporary residence, organization of maternity, etc.)

As part of the project, three humanitarian missions with essential commodities were organized to Severodonetsk, a city affected by the fighting. The last mission was in April 2015. The total tonnage of cargo amounted to about 22 tonnes and the total number of people that received assistance made 4.5 thousand.

A separate part of ​​the program was the purchase of special medical equipment for military hospitals. Thus, in 2014, Odessa military hospital no.61, located in Kuybyshevo village of Zaporozhye region, received two portable artificial respirating units. Similar pair of appliances was delivered to the military hospital of Zaporozhye. Similar equipment (five units and one mobile x-ray unit) was purchased by the Foundation to meet the needs of Kharkov military hospital.

The implementation of the program continues. One of its elements will be launch of a specialized Internet platform Dopomoga. The resource will become a communication platform that will significantly simplify interaction between charitable organizations, voluntary associations, public agencies and internally displaced persons. The platform will operate on the basis of one stop shop principle and will appropriately process and route requests and appeals from displaced people in need of respective assistance. In addition, the platform will contain relevant reference information allowing persons in need of help to better determine how to overcome specific problems.


International Charitable Foundation in Honor of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God was established in 2008 at the initiative of businessman Vadim Novinsky.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote the principles of Christian Orthodox faith among young people, to strengthen the institute of family, to raise importance of family values for the society, to preserve our nation’s cultural and historical legacy, to support healthcare and universal development of education.