Sergey Glazunov Appointed as Smart Energy CEO


Sergey Glazunov has been appointed as the CEO of Smart Energy, the oil and gas business of Smart-Holding.

Previously Mr. Glazunov held the office of Smart-Holding's Chief Investment Officer (appointed in October 2014).

Vladislav Pogorelov, who was at the helm of Smart Energy from October 2014 to February 2016, has been appointed as the company's Executive Director.


Sergey Glazunov was invited to join Smart-Holding in 2010 as the Development and Asset Management Director. In 2011, he became the CFO of Smart Energy, and later acted as the company's general manager starting in December 2013.

Before joining the company, he occupied various managing positions in the field of finance and investment, including at JPMorgan Chase & Co. и Bank One (USA).

Mr. Glazunov is a certified financial analyst (CFA certificate from the CFA Institute, USA), has an MBA degree (Wayne State University, USA) and a master's degree in Mathematical Statistics (Michigan State University, USA).

Smart Energy is a management company that is a part of SMART-HOLDING responsible for the development of projects in hydrocarbon production and alternative energy.

Smart-Holding is one of the largest investment groups of Ukraine with focus on the key industries of the economy, including mining and metals, oil and gas, shipbuilding, real estate and agriculture. The company participates in other projects as a strategic and portfolio investor.