Smart-Holding Started Paying Salaries to Amstor Retail Chain’s Staff


Smart-Holding, the main shareholder of Amstor Group, arranged for payment of salaries to employees of Amstor retail chain for December.

Amstor Retail Chain to Terminate Agreements with Employees Absent from Work


Smart-Holding, the main shareholder of Amstor Group, is going to terminate the labour agreements with the retailer’s employees staying away from their workplaces without valid excuses.

Amstor Continues to Restore Operations of Retail Centres


Smart-Holding addressed the employees of Amstor hypermarkets to come back to work to bring back the shops to normal life.  

Operation of Amstor Retail Chain is Restoring


Smart-Holding begins to restore the operation of a number of Amstor retailer’s hypermarkets. 

Amstor Hypermarkets in Zaporozhye Come Back to Life by Little


Amstor hypermarkets in Zaporozhye come back to normal operation gradually. Similar situation is reported in other regions. 

Amstor Unable to Resume Operations


Representatives of Smart-Holding, the owners of Amstor Group, together with police officers have managed to get into some of the retailer's stores that were earlier blocked by armed men at the direction of the minority shareholder Vladimir Vagorovskiy

Representatives of Smart-Holding Reassured Amstor’s Staff


On January 06, Alexey Pertin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Smart-Holding, the major shareholder of Amstor, held a meeting with the employees of Amstor during which they discussed issues with blocking the hypermarkets by the ex-managing director Vladimir Vagarovskiy.  

Another Shareholder Supported Mr. Novinsky in Conflict with Amstor Ex-Manager


Gelabran Real Estate – one of the founding shareholders of Amstor Group – supported the primary shareholder, Smart-Holding, in its intention to stabilize the operations of Amstor hypermarkets all over Ukraine.

Amstor Hypermarkets Under Threat


On 31 December, some armed men broke into a number of hypermarket stores of Amstor retail chain. As it turned out later, they acted at the direction of Amstor’s ex-manager, Vladimir Vagorovskiy. In the course of the audit made by the retailer’s shareholders, he was accused of unlawful actions.